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Webcam Installation

Monitor or advertise a remote location on the web... with ease and security.
Even on the rugged Oregon coast!

Oregon Silver Sands Resort

Hawthorne, California Police Department

The Hawthorne, California Police Department built a new state-of-the-art police station on

CLICK HERE for a time-lapse presentation of the camera feed.
Hawthorne Boulevard and they wanted to set up a 24-hour webcam over the 18-month construction period to both monitor construction remotely, and to document the project in the form of a time-lapse photography presentation upon completion of the structure.

South Coast Web was called upon to handle the technical side of the installation. We got together and talked about their requirements, met the people we'd be working with and took a closer look at the camera install site. We put together a bid and got the job.

The project involved mounting a wireless web camera atop a 100 foot-tall communications tower pointed at the construction down below. The wireless receiver for the camera was placed in a line-of-site window in another city structure several blocks away. The data is then fed to our server and from there out to the web. The live feed would update every few minutes while sending archived images to an FTP server every fifteen minutes. When the construction project completed, we will assembled key shots over the 18 month period into a slick time-lapse presentation of the structure coming together.





When you're ready for the best, contact South Coast Web.

Oregon Silver Sands Resort

Located Oceanfront on the spectacular Oregon Coast. Only 1-1/2 hours from Portland Oregon, just one block off
Highway 101, on the beach!

Dramatically Increase Web Traffic

You have a valuable product or service that people will want and need. You have designed an excellent web site to sell your product or service. Now all you need is eyeballs, lots of them. Many companies have discovered that the lowest cost way to get those eyeballs is by offering live camera images of interesting places.


 Pre-Install Camera Location Shots          

The Construction Site

The 100 foot Tower atop which the
wireless web camera was to be installed.

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